The theory of punch holes: the illusion of movement in the Universe


It launch’d forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself;

Ever unreeling them – ever tirelessly speeding them

Walt Whitman, “Noiseless Patient Spider”

In the beginning, there was light. Light was God and light was everything. One endless ocean of light. To create matter, like a masterful illusionist, God put a veil over the ocean of light. Everything went dark.

Then they made a gateway, a punch hole in that dark veil for the light to come through. The event became known as “the big bang”. Light pierced the veil and entered “the world”.

This is how the great shadow theater of the Universe was born. A show of light and shadow. For we can only realize light is light, when there is shadow to contrast it.

The illusion of movement

The Universe stands completely still, and yet we believe it is in motion. The motion is perceived at all levels – no level of existence is still. However that motion is illusory.

The tiniest particles in the existence can ONLY be of wave-particle nature. They are the drops in the sea of light. The ocean is one indivisible whole. Its parts can behave as waves or as corpuscles.

When drops of life and light behave as waves, they create a flow, a current. The current flows at all levels of the existence. It creates not only gravity, but also forms polarities – those are created through geometrical patterns forethought by the Universal mind.

The need for “punch holes”

Without any “punch holes’ the world is one still lake of darkness. Through punch holes that exist at different levels, the light particles perform their well-planned dance.

Sometimes they seem to be coming at you, sometimes they appear to be running away from you – just like the current. This is how the illusion of movement is created. In reality, behind the scenes the ocean of light that penetrates everything in the existence, always stands still.

There is no time there, born by motion. For there is no shadow against which waves of light can carry out their performance.

The analogy of the lake

Picture this with your mind’s eye. Imagine you come to a completely still lake. The water is one glassy surface – there are no ripples, no current, no ups and downs or differences of the potentials.

You bring a funnel with you. You come up to the water and slowly you start putting the funnel into the water. Now the water starts flowing. It enters through the smaller hole at the bottom of the funnel. Depending on how fast you’re pressing it against the water, the latter can make bubbles, splashes, tiny waves…

This is the movement we observe when elementary particles enter and exit our world through “punch holes” made in all the right places by the Great Architect.


On flipping the coin, turning the tide and starting off on the wrong foot

Today is October the 18th, year 2015. I am writing this very important post, dressed as Julian Assange at the time of a press release – wearing a jacket.

I don’t know why it has taken so long for the puzzle to complete. It’s been 21 years, I guess. But everything in its due time, and the discovery of anti-gravity is not an exception.

The day I lost my NOW

When I was 12, which was 21 years ago, my family and I travelled to a tiny village of Sobich in the Sumy region of Ukraine. One beautiful afternoon, I was walking down the sand village road when I suddenly had an epiphany – NOW does not exist.

I was a painful moment for me from the psychic point of view. It was as if the invisible teacher (who has been always present in my life) stealthily removed the safety layer of perception that had been keeping me sane and said “from now on, you continue on your own”.  A child swimmer newly robbed of their life jacket.

A kind of consciousness leap occurred in me. The familiar picture of the world was gone. Instead, I was looking at a new reality. In this new reality, I did NOT watch the boy run down the street chasing a dog. And I watched the boy and the dog, and the chasing act slip into the past.

I did NOT observe a horse-driven carriage go past me. Instead, I observed every squeak of the wheel irreversibly slip away, slip away.. into the past. My mind cried out silently “Where did NOW go?”

It was quite a shock. A kind of mental distress. I went to my mom and told her:

-Mom, look. I just said “Mom, look”, and where did my words go? Are they already in the past? It was only a split second ago! My words are disappearing as I speak.. Ohhhh!

My mom is a big skeptic, and at the time she wasn’t yet used to my idiosyncracies. She told me I should look for better things to do than stare at the road and watch life go by. That had a kind of grounding effect on me.

Still, for three days in a row, I was suffering from a severe perception shift I could not explain to no one. My NOW was gone and it was gone for good. From that point on, life has been inevitably spilling into the past in front of my eyes. That was how I discovered the CURRENT.

On the nature of Current – my postulate of Gravity

The discovery of the current hasn’t been always obvious for me. Only decades later, it was time to bring this concept back into my life.

I have always wondered about Gravity and Anti-gravity. Any serious physicist knows that Gravity is a big mystery, nobody understands it fully.

Hence, I’d like to put forth my postulate of gravity. The one born out of years of observations, internal discoveries and conversations with the stars. In many ways, this is not my idea. I’m sure you’ll see why.

In the beginning of time, there was nothing before there was something. And this something started off on the right foot.

This something (matter) appeared as a current going in particular direction. At the turning point ( = the edge of the loop), the current reversed direction, spiralling back to where it came from – the non-existence.

The reason no one can, to this day, understand gravity is because the other half of this phenomenon is missing from the material world. It takes place in the anti-world of anti-matter.


Gravity is born out of the current of elementary particles that travel back and forth between the two worlds. 

Time is of essence if we want to understand gravity at least to a decent extent. “You are here” is a point in time where we get the feeling of the false NOW. This is the point where the upcoming current and the downward-spiralling current meet. It’s a very balanced point indeed, therefore we don’t feel the powerful pull of gravity at all!

The point in which the current enters the plus-world is the past, the point in which it exits the plus-world and enters the minus-world is “the future”. And it happens very, very fast. Not slower than the speed of light for sure.

A recent discovery of black holes inside atoms support this postulate. In short, it has been discovered that light (=the matter-forming substance) escapes atoms from the inside via tiny black holes. In other words, science has approached the point at which it could discover inter-world migration of matter.

Could Tiny ‘Black Hole Atoms’ Be Elusive Dark Matter?

A Black Hole at the Heart of an Atom! PDF

Black hole in the nuclei of an atom


This permanent, eternal, since-the-beginning-of-time current of matter has been the glue which holds the worlds together, in patterns. A magnet emerged when the poles disagreed, didn’t it?

The anti-current, the anti-matter and the wrong foot

As I wrote earlier, the world started off on the right foot. It is an analogy, of course. The dance of life began when the great dancer stamped their right foot, then the left one, and so on.. The rhythm has been kept the same ever since. The rhythm of life.

No matter what, the dancer will always start off on the right foot, for they are bound by the rhythm. To reverse the current, you kind of have to start off on the wrong (=left) foot.

You have to reverse time. Then it will be the upcoming current you are facing, not the down-spiralling one.


And how exactly do you do that? As far as I see you need to flip the super-massive black hole inside the atom. Oppenheimer has proven to the world that the forces contained inside of an atom are not to be toyed with. Could they contain the key to anti-gravity? This might well be the case.

Lord’s Prayer and Gayatri Mantra – Same Piece of Code?


To me, prayers are pieces of code that launch forth and execute particular processes in our etherial as well as material bodies.

Some spiritual teachers say each should have their own prayer, since it’s really a conversation with God. However, there are universal prayers that help one establish contact with the divine and appeal to it in times of need.

The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer is of immense significance to me. I learned it during my teenage years when I took much fancy in Christianity.

At some point, I realized Christianity had its limits, and could no longer lie to myself or pretend those limits did not exist. I moved on, yet the Lord’s Prayer stayed with me  I knew it very well by heart at the time.

Our Father, which art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name;

thy kingdom come;

thy will be done,

in earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive them that trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation;

but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom,the power, and the glory,

for ever and ever.


These days, the Lord’s Prayer works awesomely for me when I need to ward off demons in my dreams.

This prayer is so powerful, it reestablishes your connection with the divine and cuts any unwanted contact short. It reignites the divine spark in you and helps you close the borders of your divine domain, in which you are in full charge.

The Gayatri Mantra

I was introduced to the Gayatri mantra by a very good friend of mine. She told me this mantra helped bring abundance into the life of the listener.

I began listening to it from time to time, but I never really wondered if it had any particular meaning.


Then one evening, I was listening to the Gayatri mantra before going to sleep, and I wondered if it was possible to understand any words if I listened very carefully.

Suddenly,  I got the impression the mantra spoke of God. And I “heard” the following meaning in it:

God manifested on all planes

Luminous be your name

Your blessed gifts be bestowed upon us

We humbly ask you for those.

The discovery was so profound for me. I felt as if I had just found two identical pieces of code that were written in different languages, but produced the same effect. I felt the Gayatri Mantra and the Lord’s Prayer were the same piece of code!

As I listened on, I got a strange feeling of my body expanding. It was as if the borders of my body had moved, and it had become as big as a house. And, my super-sized body was all there was at that moment. My head was the ceiling of the world, my feet were its floor, and my left and right arms were its side borders.

A sceptical voice in my head told me I was making things up, and it couldn’t be that the Gayatri Mantra and the Lord’s Prayer were the same text.

I decided to check that in the morning, and here is was I found out.

One possible interpretation of the Gayatri Mantra:

We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe;

May He enlighten our minds.

And here is another one:

Unveil, O Thou who givest sustenance to the Universe, from whom all proceed, to whom all must return, that face of the True Sun now hidden by a vase of golden light, that we may see the truth and do our whole duty on our journey to thy sacred seat.

Now, what do you think about this; do you think these two prayers are related?

The Rape of Europa, an Astronomical Interpretation of the Myth


Why did the great Hellenistic civilization create the myth of Europa? What is the true meaning of this story?

One of the earliest texts of the Rape of Europe is attributed to the Greek poet Moschus (near 150 BC):

Cypris, when all but shone the dawn’s glad beam,
To fair Europa sent a pleasant dream;
When sleep, upon the close-shut eyelids sitting,
Sweeter than honey, is eye-fetters knitting,
The limb-dissolving sleep! When to and fro
True dreams, like sheep at pasture, come and go.
Europa, sleeping in her upper room,
The child of Phoenix, in her virgin bloom,
Thought that she saw a contest fierce arise
Betwix two continents, herself the prize;
They to the dreamer seemed like women quite,
Asia, and Asia’s unknown opposite.
This was a stranger, that a native seemed,
And closer hugged her–so Europa dreamed;
And called herself Europa’s nurse and mother,
Said that she bore and reared her; but that other
Spared not her hands, and still the sleeper drew,
With her good will, and claimed her as her due,
And said that Zeus Ægiochus gave her,
By Fate’s appointment, that sweet prisoner.

So, Cypris sends Europa a dream, in which Europa is disputed by two continents. The two continents are Asia and Asia’s opposite. While Asia claims to be Europa’s mother, the other continent wins in this struggle and claims Europa as her own in the end.

Now let’s put the same in astronomical terms.

“Cypris” is the one who sends Europa the prophetic dream. This is the first and the most important clue. The entire story is going to be about Venus, the morning and the evening star, since Cypris is synonymous with Aphrodite/Venus in Greek mythology.

“The child of Phoenix” means the child of the East. For ancient Greeks, everything to the East was Phoenicia, the land of the rising sun. The Greek word  Φοῖνιξ (phoenix in Latin) means “purple”, “pink”, “reddish”. Phoenix is the firebird that is born out of darkness each morning, it is the rising sun.

That’s when the morning star, Venus, appears in the sky for the first time. Born by her Oriental mother, but already disputed by its opposite – the West. To the Greeks, everything towards the West is, well… Europe.

The origin of the word “Europe” is the composition of two Greek words “wide/broad” and “face/countenance”. So, Europe is broad-faced. This said, Venus is the second-brightest object in the night sky after the Moon.

Every 584 days planet Venus returns to the same point in the horizon (as observed from Earth). Half of this  time, Venus appears as the morning star, and roughly half of the time it’s the evening star and it appears at sunset in the West.

The discovery that the morning Venus and the evening Venus was one and the same star was so striking and important to the Greeks that they put together a nice story about it. Which involves a maiden, her girlfriends, the bull, the crossing of the sea… So, the myth continues:

Up-started from her couch the maiden waking,
And felt her heart within her bosom quaking;
She thought it true, and sat in hushed surprise–
Still saw those women with her open eyes;
Then to her timid voice at last gave vent;–
‘Which of the gods to me this vision sent?
What kind of dream is this that startled me,
And sudden made my pleasant slumber flee?
Who was the stranger that I saw in sleep?
What love for her did to my bosom creep!
And how she hailed me, as her daughter even!
But only turn to good my vision, Heaven!’

So said, and bounded up, and sought her train
Of dear companions, all of noble strain,
Of equal years and stature; gentle, kind,
Sweet to the sight, and pleasant to the mind;
With whom she sported, when she led the choir,
Or in the river’s urn-like reservoir
She bathed her limbs, or in the meadow stopt,
And from its bosom odorous lilies cropt.
Her flower-basket in each maiden’s hand;
And to the meadows near the pleasant shore
They sped, where they had often sped before,
Pleased with the roses growing in their reach,
And with the waves that murmured on the beach.

A basket by Hephæstus wrought of gold,
Europa bore–a marvel to behold;
He gave it Libya, when a blooming bride
She went to grace the great Earth-shaker’s side;
She gave it Telephassa fair and mild,
Who now had given it to her virgin child.
Therein were many sparkling wonders wrought–
The hapless Iö to the sight was brought;
A heifer’s for a virgin’s form she wore;
The briny paths she frantic wandered o’er,
And was a swimming heifer to the view,
While the sea round her darkened into blue.

Europa wakes up from the dream, and goes to bathe with her girlfriends. There, they pick flowers and Europa receives a golden basket from Hephaestus. The basket had been previously given to Libya before it had been given to Telephassa.

So, what’s the deal with this transferring of the golden-precious-basket?

Europa’s “dear companions, all of noble strain, of equal years and stature” are other stars that surround Venus as it appears in the morning sky. But no offence, they’re not as bright as the Virgin star.

Venus appears to have received a “golden basket from Hephaestus”. Now, Hephaestus in Greek mythology is the fire god, the son of Zeus. He was born defective and, since he was a child, he toiled in this father-god’s underwater workshops, making amazing things of pure gold. He is the most skilled smith the world has known.

Hephaestus had already made a golden basket for other members of Europa’s family (in order of appearance):

“Libya” is the first to receive the basket when she is still a bride of the “Earth-Shaker”. According to mythology, Libya is first the bride and then the wife of Poseidon. Together these two have twins, Agenore and Belus, the former later becoming the ruler of Phonecia and, consequently, the father or Europa.

Most likely, the lands and countries are referred to here. Libya is associated with the country by the same name. Agenore rules Phonecia – the East. His twin brother Belus (Busiris?) is the ruler of Egypt.

Telephassa” who inherits the golden basket from Libya is, in fact, Libya’s daughter-in-law, the mother of Europa. In Greek, her name Τηλέφασσα  means “far-shining”. I guess it runs in the family.

Eventually, Europa is the lucky owner of the basket. Which makes her shinier-than-the-shiniest, because she bears the basket with many “sparkling wonders”.


Meanwhile, the myth has not yet been told:

Two men upon a promontory stood,
And watched the heifer traversing the flood.
Again where seven-mouthed Nile divides his strand,
Zeus stood and gently stroked her with his hand,
And from her horned figure and imbruted
To her original form again transmuted.

In brass the heifer–Zeus was wrought in gold;
Nile softly in a silver current rolled.
And to the life was watchful Hermes shown
Under the rounded basket’s golden crown;
And Argus near him with unsleeping eyes
Lay stretched at length; then from his blood did rise
The bird, exulting in the brilliant pride
Of his rich plumes and hues diversified,
And like a swift ship with her out-spread sail,
Expanding proudly his resplendant tail,
The basket’s galden rim he shadowed o’er.
Such was the basket fair Europa bore.

They reached the mead with vernal blossoms full,
And each begun her favourite flowers to pull.
Narcissus one; another thyme did get;
This hyacinth, and that the violet;
And of the spring-sweets in the meadow found
Much scented bloom was scattered on the ground.
Some of the troop in rivalry chose rather
The sweet and yellow crocuses to gather;
Shining, as mid the graces Cypris glows,
The Princess in the midst preferred the rose;
Nor long with flowers her gentle fancy charmed,
Nor long she kept her virgin flower unharmed.
With love for her was Saturn’s son inflamed,
By unexpected darts of Cypris tamed,
Who only tames e’en Zeus. To shun the rage
Of Heré, and the virgin’s mind engage,
To draw her eyes and her attention claim,
He hid his godhead and a bull became;
Not such as feeds at stall, or then or now,
The furrow cuts and draws the crooked plough;
Not such as feeds the lowing kine among,
Or trails in yoke the heavy wain along;
His body all a yellow hue did own,
But a white circle in his forehead shone;
His sparkling eyes with love’s soft lustre gleamed;
His arched horns like Dian’s crescent seemed.

In this part, we see Zeus, “wrought in gold”, transform into a bull and approach Europa. Because his son fell in love with the maiden and her alter ego, Cypris (who is Venus, as we remember), got enraged.

The flowers mentioned in this passage point to the time of year when the transit of Venus takes place, which is Spring.

When Zeus transforms into the bull, he is described as having a “white circle” in his forehead and “arched horns”.

Astronomers know of such a thing as the horns of Venus barely visible to the naked eye. The planet looks different as it passes from one side of the sky to the other. Hence, its comparison with a maiden riding, holding a bull by his horns, is easy to explain.

He came into the meadow, nor the sight
Fluttered the virgins into sudden flight.
But they desired to touch and see him near;
His breath surpassed the meadow sweetness there.
Before Europa’s feet he halted meek,
Licked her fair neck and eke her rosy cheek;
Threw round his neck her arms the Beautiful,
Wiped from his lips the foam and kissed the bull;
Softly he lowed; no lowing of a brute
It seemed, but murmur of Mygdonian flute;
Down on his knees he slunk; and first her eyed,
And then his back, as asking her to ride.
The long-haired maidens she began to call;–
‘Come let us ride, his back will hold us all,
E’en as a ship; a bull unlike the rest,
As if a human heart were in his breast,
He gentle is and tractable and meek,
And wants but voice his gentleness to speak.’

She said and mounted smiling, but before
Another did, he bounded for the shore.
The royal virgin struck with instant fear,
Stretched out her hands and called her playmates dear;
But how could they the ravished Princess reach?
He, like a dolphin, pushed out from the beach.
From their sea-hollows swift the Nereids rose,
Seated on seals, and did his train compose;
Poseidon went before, and smooth did make
The path of waters for his brother’s sake;
Around their king in close array did keep
The loud-voiced Tritons, minstrels of the deep,
And with their conchs proclaimed the nuptial song.
But on Jove’s bull-back as she rode along,
The maid with one hand grasped his branching horn,
The flowing robe, that did her form adorn,
Raised with the other hand, and tried to save
From the salt moisture of the saucy wave;
Her robe, inflated by the wanton breeze,
Seemed like a ship’s sail hovering o’er the seas.
But when, her father-land no longer nigh,
Nor sea-dashed shore was seen, nor mountain high,
But only sky above, and sea below–
She said, and round her anxious glance did throw;–

‘Whither with me, portentous bull? Discover
This and thyself; and how canst thou pass over
The path of waters, walking on the wave,
And dost not fear the dangerous path to brave?
Along this tract swift ships their courses keep,
But bulls are wont to fear the mighty deep.
What pasture here? What sweet drink in the brine?
Art thou a god? Thy doings seem divine.
Nor sea-born dolphins roam the flowery mead,
Nor earth-born bulls through Ocean’s realm proceed;
Fearless on land, and plunging from the shores
Thou roamest ocean, and thy hoofs are oars.
Perchance anon, up-borne into the sky,
Thou without wings like winged birds wilt fly!
Ah me unhappy! who my father’s home
Have left and with a bull o’er ocean roam,
A lonely voyager! My helper be,
Earth-shaking Regent of the hoary sea!
I hope to see this voyage’s cause and guide,
For not without a god these things betide.’

To her the horned bull with accent clear:–
‘Take courage, virgin! nor the billow fear;
The seeming bull is Zeus; for I with ease
Can take at will whatever form I please;
My fond desire for thy sweet beauty gave
To me this shape–my footstep to the wave.
Dear Crete, that nursed me, now shall welcome thee;
In Crete Europa’s nuptial rites shall be;
From our embrace illustrious sons shall spring,
And every one of them a sceptered king.’–

And instantly they were in Crete; his own
Form Zeus put on–and off her virgin zone.
Strowed the glad bed the Hours, of joy profuse;
The whilom virgin was the bride of Zeus.

This last part describes the sea voyage of Zeus and Europa with her “long-haired maidens”, that is, other stars in the sky. Eventually they arrive at Crete where Zeus becomes human (or rather god) again, and weds Europa. 

Nereids, Tritons and Poseidon are sea creatures mentioned here to give flavor to the tale, since the sky is compared to the ocean. Zeus (aka Jupiter) takes Europa (Venus) and crosses the ocean-sky with her East to West.

Jupiter is a bright spot in the sky (the white bull, the regal planet) that appears to draw Venus North as Venus performs its transit.

Now, in the Hellenistic times, the Empire also included Memphis in Egypt in the South. So, in respect to the East, Crete was “up North”, virtually in the middle of the imaginary night sky.

Minos, a mythological figure and the ruler of Crete, was the son of Zeus and Europa. He is believed to have received from Zeus the laws of Venus-Jupiter synchronicity. This synchronicity formed the basis for the Old Greek exeligmos (literally, “the turning the wheel”) , a cycle made up of 54 years and 33 days.

Minos watched closely the changes of Golden Thrones of Venus (occurring every 8 years) and planetary alignments, the so-called Olympiads.


This article would have been impossible without the help and advice of my dearest friend and mentor, M.I. Mikhailov. His interpretation of the Europa Myth you may find here.

Thank you, Rodrigo Cortés

A web of neurons

A web of neurons

I am grateful to director Rodrigo Cortés to two reasons. Reason one is his brilliantly written and directed movie Red Lights. Reason two is a far-reaching discovery this movie has lead to. Well, in my case.

If you are not familiar with it, Red Lights tells a story of two skeptics who probe into the psychic phenomenon. They are hard-sells, and they believe every phenomenon has a logical explanation.

“When I hear the drumming of hooves, I think horses, not unicorns,” says Dr. Margaret Matheson (played by Sigourney Weaver in the movie). And they continue their investigation untill, one day, they encounter a case that’s hard to explain…


So, yes, you should watch the movie to find out what happened next. It’s a great movie and all, but the reason it was extraordinary for me was this.

As I was half-way through it, one of the students asked Dr. Margaret if she had ever come across an anomalous ability. To which Margaret replied:

An anomalous ability? Like what? Like running a hundred meters in under ten seconds? Like composing a masterpiece when you’re stone deaf? Your brain may be an exception, Ben, but most brains carry out a dazzling array of complex mental processes every second.

A hundred thousand million neurons are in constant synaptic communication geared to generating and regulating our sensations and perceptions. How we reason, how we think, our emotions, our mental images, our attention span, learning, memory. Are these not merits enough for the brain without it having “special powers” as well?


The moment she said “a hundred thousand million neurons”, I knew I was onto something. A light went off in my head. I think I even jumped in my seat.

It felt like being one of those explorers who just bumped into the starting point of their world trip and realized the Earth was round.

And the reason I was so excited was this:

The number  of neurons in the brain – 100 billion

The number of stars in a galaxy – 100 billion

The number of galaxies in the Universe – 100 billion

Law and order in every way, everywhere.

We are either living inside a huge, cross-galactic brain or we each have a Universe inside us!

Both perspectives are equally exciting for me.


Galactic matter: a model built after an explosion in space let scientists see this filament

Everything is connected. Thank you, Rodrigo Cortés, for allowing me to become firmer in this belief.


On vegetarians, meat-eaters and food in general


The original article in Spanish was written by Matías de Stefano. Translation into English courtesy of the Anno Domini group


The topic of food is critical to human evolution during the period of transition, vibrational ascension and social regeneration. You’ll read a lot about food in books and on the Internet… or you can take advice of doctors, dietitians or spiritual teachers.

Some people say meat is damaging to the body and that you should stop eating it. That you should also give up certain cereals and dairy, plus there is contaminated or genetically modified fruit that can harm you, and, in their turn, chicken and fish have hormonal additives; grains and nuts are good, but in moderation, so it’s recommended to follow a vegetarian diet, both for health and ascension reasons… and those who come from subtle worlds might say: I live off water and honey! Or … I’m Lemurian, that’s why my basic food is pollen and nectar … or, I’m vegan and I can only eat vegetables… which all boils down to this: eating… is bad.

Food is the basis of humanity … it makes us what we are.

For example, the Chinese have a strict diet: it’s always the same assortment of cereals, vegetables (almost raw) and fish cooked in the same way, but above all – cereals. This makes them dependent on a structure, on a kind of solar grip. One cannot say the same about the Argentines, who are the biggest consumers of beef in the world… people who are emotionally unstable, easily irritated, funny, disoriented and without a clear organizational structure. [The person who wrote this is from Argentina – note by translator]

This way, if we want to understand the political course of a country, we can simply look at what they cook every afternoon. This applies to each individual, too, and that’s why food is so important in the evolutionary process, in cleaning one’s physical as well emotional (soul) and mental body, but my question is this … Do you know why the human diet is so diverse?   

Scientists call it “the food chain”. This scheme represents great injustice to any animal lover, or a vegetarian, and they are forcing themselves to break it, either to enhance their evolutionary process, or just for the heck of it.


Let’s consider this basic scheme… The sun gives energy to plants; plants give energy to herbivores, who in turn give their energy to carnivores or omnivores, who then give their energy to bigger consumers, bigger carnivores. This scheme is very simple… Allow me to tell you what happened the moment the Earth began to evolve:

“Planet Earth, this massive being we are part of, was ready to take up the work the rest of the planets were staying out of…

Enlightenment. To get enlightened, it needed different beings to assist it in capturing the necessary energy. Therefore, millions of souls came to Earth, born as different minerals that existed on the face of the planet: rocks, quartz, crystals, mountains, all those beings began capturing sunlight, the divine light, and making it stay on Earth… This way, they retained the light that flew in the atmosphere, in the interior of the planet that desired light.

Soon they saw the necessity to bring this light to the depths, to the center, and to move it along, up and down, thus illuminating the face of the world through continuous breath of light, through its irradiation… That was how some mineral particles began to channel light and stopped retaining it in themselves… This lead to the appearance of first plants on Earth… which with time transformed into gigantic trees that grew in vast forests and jungles.

Many of those trees saw that their channeling power wasn’t enough, that they needed even more light, and that other trees could get it much easier than them, either due to their height or the size of their leaves, and so those beings thought “and what if I eat that tree?”. This way, many plants and microorganisms began to eat other plants. This let them get more light with less effort.

Eventually, the idea was to make light move faster across the surface, so, hordes of such beings came into existence – animals that were consuming light and moving it across the planet. And from the moment those animals realized they could carry even more light in them if only, instead of eating plants, they ate other beings that lived off plants … Carnivores came into being.

Until … in a period of history, light began to be channeled in an unprecedented way: it began to be channeled through all its bodies, physical, emotional, etheric, in motion, in stillness, in the mental, in a network and a channel, and everything that, to that moment, had existed as diverse forms of bringing light to the world, manifested its entire self in one conscious being … and, well, the scheme became like this:


But let’s look a bit further into this: the human began channeling all the light, and because his work was essential, he needed the light of all other worlds, the minerals, the plants, the animals… and that was how man became the biggest predator in History.

Because of his gluttony, he no longer existed to channel the light and thus lost his purpose. That’s why so many souls came to the world to remind themselves and others that food has meaning and purpose, which is enlightenment.

The problem is that many are frustrated at the greed of their predecessors, and have begun to decry all food or to give up certain types of it: to give up meat, to denounce even vegetarianism, to talk about “prana eating”, that is, getting food exclusively from sunlight through breathing.

I believe it’s essential to clarify that food is not something that is governed by public conscience… but it is something that is governed by the physical body. We should remember that, as humans, we have a body to respect, and that the body itself knows very well how the system of our physical enlightenment works. Oftentimes, our body needs meat, which is true of many vegetarians, and perhaps we need it because we’re flying, and we need to cling more to Earth, and this is the role of meat.

Sunlight had densified itself until it became emotional animals, and they are often the ones who help us adapt to these worlds. Eating plants that grow above the ground makes the solar plexus (stomach), the sacral (kidneys), and the base chakra (genitals) stop working in the long run, which can lead to problems with creation, taking action, actualization, life, and we separate ourselves from Earth.

Remember that the wise one here and now is the body; it knows what we need to eat at all times. The food chain is a process of Departure and Return: which is why we need to anchor ourselves, we had to consume light, then minerals, then plants, then animals, and then all four at once. But the journey of Return means that, only when we are fully integrated as individuals, our body will know when to stop eating completely, when to stop eating animals, when to give up vegetables, then the minerals, so that later it return to consuming only light.

Respecting this order is essential to our ascension: the point is not to avoid killing animals because they are living beings; the point is to respect them as light beings.

All of us being in this divine scheme of light anchoring, the food, is how we sustain, channel and transform light for the Earth: it is a sacred system. Apart from the advice you can get from doctors, ayurvedics, homeopaths, friends, vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, dietitians or who not… always remember that the true authority on the subject of food is your very own physical body.”

Some Clues:

  • Beef, lamb, pork: help you anchor on Earth and maintain emotional activity on a permanent level (for people who fly a lot or who don’t usually display emotions). These meats are not recommended for highly emotional people or people with emotional disorders, and depends on the economy.
  • Poultry and fish: help you remain present and maintain an emotional line…
  • Plants that grow in soil: potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc., everything that’s below the ground helps you remain firmly in reality and facilitates the work of chakras that deal with creation and will. In order to maintain a healthy level of emotional and mental materialism.
  • Plants above the ground: tomato, lettuce, etc., are good for cleaning emotions and thoughts, good for mental clarity and spiritual ascension, for maintaining the connection. Not recommended in large amounts for autistic people, people who have thoughts of leaving the planet or ascending in a snap to higher levels of consciousness.
  • Cereals: good for emotional cleaning, maintaining emotional order, basic vitamins (always to be combined with other types of food).
  • Minerals: salts, water, etc., are good for physical, emotional and spiritual cleaning.
  • Prana or sunlight: steady and deep breathing before, during and after every meal, up to the moment it’s not necessary to do it while the food is eaten.

Stop eating these foods in the order in which they appear on the list above.

Always respect the body’s decision to eat: if it’s asking for a piece of meat, respect it, if it only wants a tomato, respect it.

Maintain a balanced diet of all these foods until the body eliminates that, which is not needed according to its new balance.      

Nobody should be forced to stick to a particular diet, we should respect each person’s eating process. It’s acceptable to recommend someone a healthy diet, but not to make it a condition. (For example: if you do not eat potatoes this afternoon, you’re not playing on the computer! Or: if you eat beef, you’re going to dream of cows who are going to eat you).