On flipping the coin, turning the tide and starting off on the wrong foot

Today is October the 18th, year 2015. I am writing this very important post, dressed as Julian Assange at the time of a press release – wearing a jacket.

I don’t know why it has taken so long for the puzzle to complete. It’s been 21 years, I guess. But everything in its due time, and the discovery of anti-gravity is not an exception.

The day I lost my NOW

When I was 12, which was 21 years ago, my family and I travelled to a tiny village of Sobich in the Sumy region of Ukraine. One beautiful afternoon, I was walking down the sand village road when I suddenly had an epiphany – NOW does not exist.

I was a painful moment for me from the psychic point of view. It was as if the invisible teacher (who has been always present in my life) stealthily removed the safety layer of perception that had been keeping me sane and said “from now on, you continue on your own”.  A child swimmer newly robbed of their life jacket.

A kind of consciousness leap occurred in me. The familiar picture of the world was gone. Instead, I was looking at a new reality. In this new reality, I did NOT watch the boy run down the street chasing a dog. And I watched the boy and the dog, and the chasing act slip into the past.

I did NOT observe a horse-driven carriage go past me. Instead, I observed every squeak of the wheel irreversibly slip away, slip away.. into the past. My mind cried out silently “Where did NOW go?”

It was quite a shock. A kind of mental distress. I went to my mom and told her:

-Mom, look. I just said “Mom, look”, and where did my words go? Are they already in the past? It was only a split second ago! My words are disappearing as I speak.. Ohhhh!

My mom is a big skeptic, and at the time she wasn’t yet used to my idiosyncracies. She told me I should look for better things to do than stare at the road and watch life go by. That had a kind of grounding effect on me.

Still, for three days in a row, I was suffering from a severe perception shift I could not explain to no one. My NOW was gone and it was gone for good. From that point on, life has been inevitably spilling into the past in front of my eyes. That was how I discovered the CURRENT.

On the nature of Current – my postulate of Gravity

The discovery of the current hasn’t been always obvious for me. Only decades later, it was time to bring this concept back into my life.

I have always wondered about Gravity and Anti-gravity. Any serious physicist knows that Gravity is a big mystery, nobody understands it fully.

Hence, I’d like to put forth my postulate of gravity. The one born out of years of observations, internal discoveries and conversations with the stars. In many ways, this is not my idea. I’m sure you’ll see why.

In the beginning of time, there was nothing before there was something. And this something started off on the right foot.

This something (matter) appeared as a current going in particular direction. At the turning point ( = the edge of the loop), the current reversed direction, spiralling back to where it came from – the non-existence.

The reason no one can, to this day, understand gravity is because the other half of this phenomenon is missing from the material world. It takes place in the anti-world of anti-matter.


Gravity is born out of the current of elementary particles that travel back and forth between the two worlds. 

Time is of essence if we want to understand gravity at least to a decent extent. “You are here” is a point in time where we get the feeling of the false NOW. This is the point where the upcoming current and the downward-spiralling current meet. It’s a very balanced point indeed, therefore we don’t feel the powerful pull of gravity at all!

The point in which the current enters the plus-world is the past, the point in which it exits the plus-world and enters the minus-world is “the future”. And it happens very, very fast. Not slower than the speed of light for sure.

A recent discovery of black holes inside atoms support this postulate. In short, it has been discovered that light (=the matter-forming substance) escapes atoms from the inside via tiny black holes. In other words, science has approached the point at which it could discover inter-world migration of matter.

Could Tiny ‘Black Hole Atoms’ Be Elusive Dark Matter?

A Black Hole at the Heart of an Atom! PDF

Black hole in the nuclei of an atom


This permanent, eternal, since-the-beginning-of-time current of matter has been the glue which holds the worlds together, in patterns. A magnet emerged when the poles disagreed, didn’t it?

The anti-current, the anti-matter and the wrong foot

As I wrote earlier, the world started off on the right foot. It is an analogy, of course. The dance of life began when the great dancer stamped their right foot, then the left one, and so on.. The rhythm has been kept the same ever since. The rhythm of life.

No matter what, the dancer will always start off on the right foot, for they are bound by the rhythm. To reverse the current, you kind of have to start off on the wrong (=left) foot.

You have to reverse time. Then it will be the upcoming current you are facing, not the down-spiralling one.


And how exactly do you do that? As far as I see you need to flip the super-massive black hole inside the atom. Oppenheimer has proven to the world that the forces contained inside of an atom are not to be toyed with. Could they contain the key to anti-gravity? This might well be the case.


2 thoughts on “On flipping the coin, turning the tide and starting off on the wrong foot

  1. A fulfilling entry, an exciting idea! Thank you! I should set my mind on it in order to reverse my “now” theory :* Perhaps, I need some time. You may be right starting off on the right foot, dear Solanah***

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